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Overcome the number 1 problem in real estate...
...Without Having to Spend Thousands on Ads, Confusing Courses, and Worthless Coaching Calls.
Can We Just Skip The BS?
And fast-forward to the part where we make more money?
Developed In The Real World
Both a Real Estate Agent Coach and an active REALTOR® of seven years, James Hoff, teaches his own lead generation strategies. Not the same 'ole stuff ... these are his creations used successfully in his own real estate sales business.
Designed For Implementation
Instead of overwhelming you with 10,000,000 things to do, you'll receive one new lead generation strategy each month. Download any included assets and watch the training that goes along with it. Then, you have the rest of the month for implementation and to deploy the strategy ... see if you like it ... test how it works in your market ... decide if it stays or goes.

When the next month arrives, you get a new strategy and the previous content disappears.

It's just that simple.

Everything You Need
That's right! Nothing is left out. Unlike so many, this program shares the actual secrets. James isn't teaching from 30,000 feet here ... this is right from the trenches.
Proven To Work

Admittedly, every market can and will perform differently. This isn't "guesswork." These strategies have been crafted, field tested and proven to work. So, is it perfect every time? No. But, do you have to worry about whether or not your instructor is just guessing based on social theory? Also, no!!

Your Own Private Dashboard
Everything you need is simple and kept in one easy to access place. Between downloadable assets to instructional videos, this private dashboard is easy to follow.

What's best? You're given what you need, that's it. So, none of this "you'll need three weeks to learn all of this."

Login, learn and implement. Period.

What Real Members Have to Say...
Linda S.
"After 25 years as an agent, I am learning new stuff that works for lead generation."
Carin D. J.
"I have had 5 total calls this week from sending around 200 letters. These letters are the SHIT. I have an appointment to go check out at $700k potential listing that didn't work for my buyer but they still want me to come over and list it."
Cliff L.
"I've now mailed 128 [expired] letters and have gotten 29 calls, a few texts and have had 13 appointments. Currently 2 listings signed. It is a lot easier to talk to people who call me than vice versa."

I'm Gonna Give You My Best Expired Strategy & Direct Mail Mastery Playbook, All Free!

Learn the secret to standing out with an "Expired" strategy like you've never seen before. And, learn how to create campaigns of your own with the Direct Mail Mastery Playbook. All FREE!
Learn How To Lead Gen
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LeadDrops Gives You The Direct Strategies You Need To Fill Your Lead Pipeline!
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